Child Labor and Ghana

Crossover International Academy pic
Crossover International Academy

Jeffrey Goffman, a businessman leading Integrated Oncology Network as CEO, supports Wings for Crossover in his capacity as board member. With the help of stakeholders like Jeffrey Goffman, the nonprofit organization helps educate children impacted by slavery in Ghana, Africa, through its Crossover International Academy.

According to information from the Ghana Statistical Service, nearly 2 million children in Ghana ranging in age from five years to 17 years old work in hazardous labor environments. Many have been pressed into conditions akin to slavery, especially within the fishing industry. For instance, in 2015, more than 40 young people were saved from working as slaves for a fishing enterprise on Volta Lake.

However, as suggested by the United States Department of Labor 2014 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor – Ghana, the fishing industry is not the only one contributing to child labor problems. Cocoa producers, for example, employ nearly a million children and an estimated 95 percent of those children labor in hazardous conditions.